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The Importance of College Essays

Posted by: fyclabs on 09/12/2019

The Importance of College Essays in College Admissions

How important are essays to the college application process? How can a student prepare for college essays?

Essays are a very important part of applying to college because they allow a student to share information that is not found elsewhere in an application. Other than an on-campus interview, essays are the only way a student can communicate personal facts about themselves to the admissions team. As colleges continue to become more competitive, admissions representatives look to these essays to understand a student’s passion. A student should think about how he or she can reveal his or her best self through an essay.

Essay writing should start before a student’s senior year. When a student starts learning to write essays in eighth and ninth grades, he or she will be able to build upon a good foundation. Creative writing classes are helpful in learning how to craft a story about oneself, which will be an important skill throughout a student’s senior year.

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