About Our Passionate and Mission Driven Team

About Us

Our Mission

Upward Path offers the most comprehensive college admissions counseling services for students between 8th grade to 12th grade. We offer personalized college admissions counseling and college application advice to students in the 11th and 12th grades as well as a proprietary and comprehensive program for students in 8th through 11th grade to help them capitalize on their unique attributes. Program elements include one-on-one career counseling, exclusive internship and extracurricular activity networks, skills workshops, and more. Around 98% of our students were admitted to the top 5% of colleges nationwide. We invite you to learn more about how to help your student with their educational journey and take advantage of our college admissions counseling services today. The experts in our college admissions counseling service partner with students and families at the intersection of their motivation and potential to create pathways for success in college and beyond.

Meet Our Administration Team

Vinnie Gupta President, Co-Founder
David Campos Director of Student Success
Vaitheesh Kolady Chief Operations Officer, Co-Founder
Dennis Yan Enrollment Director
Rachel Mansolillo Senior Director of Career Curriculum & Activity Partnerships
Kavita Gupta Curriculum Advisor
Kristy Tancredi Director of Operations
Abby Capers Student Development Advisor
Christina Dawson Student Success Coordinator
Hari Rangaraj Director of IT

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