College Admissions Counseling Reviews | Upward Path Institute (UCEazy)

What are Families Saying About Us?

98% of our students are accepted into a top 5% ranked college

“My list of Upward Path positives:

  • The relationship you build with your counselor can become very friendly and communication is very easy and efficient, whether you are talking through a video call or communicating through email.
  • You can choose the relationship you have with your counselor. Either the student drives the meetings or the counselor can. It’s very flexible and you can take advantage of however many resources available as you would like.
  • Since you are communicating through video calls, scheduling meetings is very easy because you can easily fit one into a small time slot.
  • You have the option to have meetings with or without parents. Students are given full independence to choose what kind of help they get.
  • There is no hierarchy in the system, you can easily communicate with the main people who run the program as well.
  • While you are pushed to do your best, you are not expected to attend a very highly-ranked university and you are reminded that the college you attend should fit all of your needs, not just the academic ones. Overall you are reminded that your grades and standardized testing scores do not define you and are not the only determining factors for the college you attend.
  • Your counselor can give you recommendations for how you can spend your summer time wisely and recommendations for what kinds of things you need to be doing with your teachers at what time for letters of recommendation.
  • Your counselor makes sure every little detail is covered and is also very organized with it. My counselor created a spreadsheet full of to-do’s for both of us with specific deadlines and consistently checked in with me about them.”
Shivani (class of 2020, headed to USC for studying communications)

“Upward Path was a great way for me to understand the different aspects of College Application. My counselor was very helpful and stepped me through the entire process. She was also readily available for communication and responded promptly and completely. Although I was not told “Do This, Do That”, I felt that Upward Path provided me with enough knowledge and prepared me well to make my own decisions regarding my College Path.”

Tanav Ohal (Parent)

“Upward Path has been beyond helpful during the college admission process. My counselor helped me through out the process and gave me advice on which colleges to pick, how to stand out, and help with college essay’s. She gave me the proper insight and feedback I needed to make my college essay’s perfect. This made by admission process much easier and helped me reduce a lot of my stress.”

Divya Chimmi

“Upward Path has been a tremendous support in our College Planning process for our daughter (starting college in Fall 2020) removing anxiety from parents. Our Upward Path counselor, has been extremely understanding, diligent and resourceful by providing expert advice and step by step guidance throughout the process since mid-Junior year – starting with the summer extracurricular activities, identifying a list of colleges that suits the student’s portfolio, reviewing the essays and reminding on application deadlines. As we contemplate deciding on picking a college, our counselor is still supportive in responding to our college-specific questions. We highly recommend her and Upward Path”

Sravana S (Parent)

“Upward Path was very helpful in our son’s college application process and our counselor was there to guide him every step of the way. He and other members of the team stepped in whenever we had any questions. Really appreciate their help.”

Duleep Pillai (Parent)

“Upward Path made my college application process stress-free and efficient. They gave me many resources to make sure I submit my application with the best version of my essays weeks before the due date. Special thanks to my counselor for always being available to revise my essays and making this application process a breeze!”

Arnav Amin

“I highly recommend Upward Path for counseling services. They made the college admission process very stress free for us. Their Counselors are very knowledgeable of all schools all over US and they provide excellent guidance. Counselors maintained very good communication throughout the application time and replied very promptly to our emails.
They work with each family individually and pay attention to all factors to make sure the students can achieve their goal of getting into good universities.”

Sunni Aggarwal (Parent)