Unique Program for Developing Students Desired by Colleges

Student Development Program for 8th - 10th Grade Students

Our Proprietary Curriculum for College Admissions Development

The earlier you start with us, the more time your student has to benefit from our program.

What is Offered at Each Grade Level

8th Grade 9th Grade 10th Grade
Career and Major Exploration
Skill Building Workshops
Course Selection
Goal Setting
Strategic Extracurricular Portfolio
Unique Summer Opportunities
Student Development Advising
Standardized Test Strategy
Head Start on College Essays
  • = Fully Included in the Core Program

8th -10th Grade

Annual Tuition: Starts at $5,000

By enrolling in a multi-year program, you can lock in the current fees and a spot in the program through the end of the senior year.


Payment accepted via check, bank transfer, or credit card

(additional fees apply for credit card)

Installment plan available