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The Problem

For too long, schools and the college admissions counseling industry have neglected the holistic development of students.

As a result, most students underperform in college admissions and are not prepared for careers.   

A new approach is radically needed to address this gap.

The Consequence

In a survey of 1000 college freshmen, 80% expressed disappointment in their college admissions results. Parents showed a higher rate of dissatisfaction and regret at 90%.

Source: Upward Path Institute survey

*Students and parents were not associated with Upward Path Institute

Your Competition

Your competition is not just your peers in your school. Your competition are students like “Jane,” who attends a private school with the annual tuition being $55,000.

Jane interns every summer at either a NYC hedge fund or private equity firm. She created an app for rainforest research and has 52,000 downloads. She has perfect grades and test scores and is the captain of her city Lacrosse league.

How do you compete against Jane?

Your Solution

Created from a scholastic model, Upward Path Institute offers a revolutionary solution that combines 1:1 personalized guidance with interactive workshops for development of critical skills. This is also a cost-effective solution, essentially allowing parents a private school methodology without the private school tuition expenses. We ensure students perform to their potential.


An infographic displaying the opportunities provided by college admissions counseling.


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