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College Prep & Admissions Reimagined

College admissions prep is just the beginning.

At Upward Path Institute, we develop the credentials, skills, and mindset students need to get into their best fit college and succeed in their career.

The Upward Path Institute Difference:

Helping Students Stand Out in Admissions and Beyond

We’ve cracked the code on helping students prepare for college by empowering them to make the connection between who they are and where they want to go, so they can build and showcase the capabilities that colleges and employers desire.

Long Term Success Focus

Our perspective is big and bold: We believe that college admissions is just the first step. That’s why we have reverse engineered our programming to help your student succeed beyond the application, no matter their current grade level, learning style, personality, or passions.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our program focuses not just on admissions, but also on building real-world skills, such as working with adults and time management. These focus areas develop the whole student and position them to be successful even beyond the college application process and higher education itself.

Legitimate Expertise123

Our diverse and highly-vetted team of educators, college admissions counselors, writing coaches, and career experts provide individualized support that is targeted to meet your student’s needs. Their focus is simple: to help your student get into their best fit college and excel.

2000+ graduated from our program
90% of students accepted to their top 3 colleges
1500 aggregate years of college admissions experience
9 of 10 families recommend us to their friends

It’s time to re-think your student’s college preparation and admissions approach.

Student Development Program For Students Enrolling in 8th or 9th Grade
College Admissions Program For Students Enrolling in 10th or 11th Grade