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College Admissions Counselor 

Our Ideal Candidate:

Upward Path Institute 1:1 College Counseling model allows for students to have access to expert counselors (our counselor on average has 15 years of experience) who often work within highly elite institutions (either high school or university). Additionally, this model allows counselors to stretch their skills by often serving a different population than their school population, work remotely and supplement their income. 1:1 College Counselors are responsible for managing their caseload, supporting students through the college application process and working with the entire Upward Path Institute schedule and system. Additionally, 1:1 College Counselors work in partnership with each other to ensure use of best practices, and with the leadership team to address any escalation concerns related to specific families. 

Reports to the 11th-12th Team Lead

Responsibilities :

  1. Student 1:1 Counseling for 11th – 12th 
    1. 7-20 students (typically 50/50 split among juniors and seniors)
    2. Monthly meetings, including pre & post preparation and communication with families 
    3. Additional offline hours for essay editing and research as needed
    4. Track all notes in the Dashboard
    5. Utilize proprietary curriculum developed specifically for 11th-12th 1:1 college counseling 
    6. Meet 1:1 quarterly with parents to address any college related questions
  2. Collaborate with colleagues 
    1. Attend monthly counselor meetings
    2. Be an active participant in the Upward Path Institute slack channel
      1. Share relevant and timely information
      2. Utilize shared information
    3. Work in collaboration with materials provided by the STEM experts (CS & BS/MD) 
    4. Utilize information collected about specific students by other Upward Path Institute team members within 1:1 college counseling sessions with students
      1. Career & Major Exploration report
      2. Essays edited by writing coaches

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We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our Institute. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.