College Admissions Counseling Reimagined

We develop the academic and non-academic credentials students need to get into their best fit college and succeed.

2000+ graduated from our program
98% of students accepted into the top 5% ranked colleges
1500 aggregate years of college admissions experience
9 of 10 families recommend us to their friends

We Help Students From 8th Grade to 12th Grade

Grade 9: Inspire

Students will work within our programming to develop a true structured mission to help them achieve the goals they set.

Grade 10: Initiate

Students will start to gain an idea of their strengths and weaknesses and how they fit into college admissions, career exploration and more.

Grade 11: Lead

In this new age of the working world, understanding what students bring to a group is more important than ever. Students will have activities and conversations around leadership styles, understanding team roles and developing their commitment to learning.

Grade 12: Launch

For senior year, the real logistical work of the college admissions process comes to the forefront. Developing a set plan that students can stick to, while also being accountable to their plan, their counselor, and most importantly, themselves, will become a key part to all conversations and activities.


“In the activities Upward Path provided me, my mentor helped me create concrete projects around my passions and have empowered me to keep pushing the boundaries of science.”

- Krishna, Parent

“I had a great experience, and my counselor helped me through every step of the way. I got into my dream school, and highly recommend their services.

- Sarah, Student

“UCEazy [Upward Path Institute] has been very informative and helpful. We started with my son in 10th grade and months after with my daughter in 8th grade. Now, two years later, we have already seen many advantages by having our children and us, the parents, being guided by UCEazy’s professional counselors.  We especially recommend engaging UCEazy early as we did with our daughter in 8th grade, and not wait until the application process in 12th grade, as years are needed to create a strong and interesting student profile. Thank you UCEazy!”

- Zhang, Parent

Upward Path has a vast array of resources available to its customers. They have a number of highly qualified counselors that know the application process and have worked on college admissions boards. The counselors know exactly what admissions officers look for in an application. Along with their experienced staff, Upward Path provided me with a lot of information through its webinars.

Steven, Student